Other Work

I have had the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects in the last few years. Below is a brief overview of some of that work, including 3D printed installations and demos, browser-based web experiments, and UI/UX updates to Formlabs 3D printing software.

Formlabs Dashboard

I helped design a web-based dashboard for managing Formlabs 3D printers. The link below outlines some of the features that we introduced in the new dashboard.

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Times Square Installation

I worked on the winning design of the 2017 Valentine Heart Design Competition. We designed and built a translucent lens out of over 1000 clear 3D-printed tiles, which was installed in Times Square for a month.

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MIT Media Lab Pavilion

I designed a parametrically generated and partially 3D-printed pavilion for the inaugural Digital Factory conference at the MIT Media Lab in 2017. It was made from over 500 unique connectors printed on the Fuse 1 printer, which was being launched at the event.

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Parametric Pens

I designed a series of parametrically generated 3D printed pens using the Form 2 printer. We printed over 600 unique pens and gave them out to visitors of the Formlabs User Conference.

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White Paper – 3D Printing Architectural Models

I wrote a white paper outlining CAD-to-print processes for 3D-printed architectural models.

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3D Printing Textiles

I wrote a 2-part Instructable about printing soft, textile-like 3D prints on the Form 2 SLA printer.

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VFX Animation Storyboard

I worked on storyboarding a product animation in CAD software, which was then rendered by an external animation house. Get in touch for more information. 

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Three.js cityscape

An experimental browser-based experience built with the three.js library.

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Drawing Computation

Creating computational drawings with python and an 80s pen plotter. 

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Urban Collage

A browser-based experiement which juxtaposes sattelite imagery at different scales to create interesting web collages. Users can input any route they like and watch as the aerial camera slowly pans through it. Created with help from the Google Maps API.

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Wash & Cure

UI for post-processing machines on an 8-bit LCD display

Site Navigation

Redesigning the navigation for a rapidly growing website

Form Cell

Designing a print management system for a fleet of 3D printers

Sample Request

Increasing conversions by redesigning a key webpage

The Digital Factory

Web design and branding for an annual 3D printing conference

Other Work

A brief overview of other projects