The Digital Factory

January 2019

I was tasked with designing a simple website for an annual thought leadership conference held by Formlabs. The site needed to host information regarding the conference (speakers, agenda, location) as well as relevant resources such as The Digital Factory Podcast and videos from past conferences. 

- Web design
- Branding
- User Experience
- Web Development

We also created the core graphic assets for the graphic identity of the conference. We scraped the CAD models of hundreds of mechanical parts from McMaster Carr’s website, which were then converted to orthographic line art using Rhino and Illustrator. The conference was about manufacturing, so these obscure parts would actually appear familiar to those in the industry, while simultaneously allowing for some playfulness in the identity.


Wash & Cure

UI for post-processing machines on an 8-bit LCD display

Site Navigation

Redesigning the navigation for a rapidly growing website

Form Cell

Designing a print management system for a fleet of 3D printers

Sample Request

Increasing conversions by redesigning a key webpage

The Digital Factory

Web design and branding for an annual 3D printing conference

Other Work

A brief overview of other projects