Hi, I’m Aashman! I am currently a Product Designer at Palantir in NYC. I was previously a designer at Formlabs and a student of architecture at RISD.


Product Design

Wash & Cure
UI for post-processing machines on an 8-bit LCD display.

Site Navigation 🔒
Redesigning the navigation for a rapidly growing website.

Form Cell 🔒
Designing a print management system for a fleet of 3D printers.

Sample Request 🔒
Increasing conversions by redesigning a key webpage.

The Digital Factory 🔒
Web design and branding for an annual 3D printing conference.

Miscellaneous Work

A visual glossary of past work.

Times Square Installation
We designed and built a translucent lens which was composed of over 1000 clear 3D-printed tiles, and was installed in Times Square for a month.

MIT Media Lab Pavilion
A parametrically generated and partially 3D-printed pavilion for the inaugural Digital Factory conference at the MIT Media Lab in 2017. 

Parametric Pens
Over 600 unqiue parametrically generated pens 3D printed on a Form 2. 

White Paper – 3D Printing Architectural ModelsA white paper outlining CAD-to-print processes for 3D-printed architectural models.

3D Printing Textiles
A 2-part Instructable about printing soft, textile-like 3D prints on the Form 2 SLA printer.

Three.js cityscape
Messing around with the three.js library.

Drawing Computation
Creating computational drawings with python and an 80s pen plotter.

Urban Collage
Users input two cities and watch as the aerial camera travels from one city to another in a moving collage.